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Creating Wellness

Creating Wellness is a system designed to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes in three dimensions: Physical (Be Fit), Biochemical(Eat Right) and Psychological (Think Well).

We accomplish this feat through a variety of powerful features that have the potential to offer you outstanding benefits. These features include the following:

Comprehensive Wellness Assessments - This more than anything is what sets Creating Wellness apart from all other wellness programs we know of. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Creating Wellness system can measure your level of wellness in the three dimensions—Physical (Be Fit), Biochemical (Eat Right), and Psychological (Think Well)—and provides you with one number that identifies where you are on the wellness continuum. We call it a Wellness Quotient—it’s kind of like your Wellness IQ. Once you know where you are on the wellness continuum, you can begin to make plans to improve your Wellness Quotient—and we offer programs to support you on this journey.

Lifestyle Coaching- Our wellness experts will design a personalized 8- or 16-week program for you to kick start your journey to wellness in the three dimensions. The program includes weekly accountability coaching calls, periodic Creating Wellness assessments to track progress, access to MyCreatingWellnessSpace and customized on-line Sound Advice, meal planning guides and journals, CW water bottle, and more.

MyCreatingWellnessSpace- This is your online wellness portal that can provide you with personalized fitness, nutritional, and mindset plans and advice, as well as a wealth of other information on how to get well and stay well.

Why Creating Wellness?

The reason we have become a Creating Wellness Center is that we recognize many of our patients are looking for help and guidance with their lifestyle choices and how to improve the quality of their lives. Chiropractic adjustments certainly play a huge role in that. When our doctors locate and correct subluxations and restore optimal nervous system function through chiropractic care, the health of our patients improves and so does their quality of life.

But what happens outside of our chiropractic office also needs to be addressed because it is the stress of daily life—physical, biochemical, and psychological stress—that causes subluxations and ill-health in the first place. So if we can help people minimize negative stress in these three dimensions then our patients will have a much better chance of reaching their health and wellness goals.