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Objective Technology

The Insight Subluxation Station (Nervous System Stress Analysis)

This enables our practice to develop a comprehensive picture of a patient’s neurospinal health by consistently and reliably measuring key physiological parameters, including an evaluation of your NeuroSpinal health. We are then able to identify problems with confidence on the initial exam, and with re-exams, accurately measure outcomes to evaluate progress and guide further care.

Perhaps most impressively, the Insight has been used in NASA’s space program and has been Space Certified by the Space Foundation.

Brainspan Nutritional and Functional Brain Assessment

This science based brain assessment measures the health and function of the brain and nervous system.The brainspan assessment allows us to measure 2 types of neurological health: 1) Cell nutritional health that measures 4 fatty acid biomarks, and 2) Cognitive function tests done online to measure attention, memory, processing speed, and cognifitive flexibiltity. You will be given a customized report with your results and solutions to improve any areas necessary for optimum brain function. This brain assessment is based on over 100 scientific studies.